Research And Plagiarism

Let’s assume you have found eight to ten articles that meet your search requirements now the challenge will be how to make sense of the articles in terms of their content and their appropriateness for integration into your analysis the dip the difficulty of doing this I cannot be understood cannot be overstated excuse me because many people in fact most copy and paste various segments of the articles into into the manuscript into the preliminary paper although this is an efficient way to organize information that will support your thesis or in purpose statement for the novice it also seems to be efficient to copy and paste without rewriting and putting it in their own words along with the proper citation that frees him from him or her from from accusations if you if you do cite properly if you don’t then you you could be in trouble and by the way this takes practice and it’s much better to practice them to be accused of plagiarism. Learn how not to on Edusson.

By the way you can also use Microsoft Word to help in that regard you can click on the review tab at the top of a word document and then to the left Casares you can click on that and utilize that to help you with vocabulary spelling and grammar which is all the way to the left on that tab however let caution you hear it will not assist you with sentence construction and variety and style of writing that only comes with practice and from looking at other people’s work and how they construct sentences and you sort of build your own style in your own variety of sentence structure by by looking at other work that’s just how you do it when the things you could do is do a search in Google or being just asking that that question examples of sentence construction and variety and style of writing and you’ll get I don’t know 2.6 million returns.

I suppose something like that I’m guessing but it certainly will be quite a few this is the reason why we’ve been talking about processing practice it is the only way the only way to become proficient it you just you just can’t sit down and just do it it’s not something you do it you can continue to tell yourself oh I can’t do this I’m too young i’m too old i have too much to do it’s all just BS you can find time to do it i right every single day every single day i write something it may be a for amusement it may be for a very serious research paper it may be but any number of things but i’m constantly writing and reading articles so i can learn other styles and then take those styles and incorporate it into my own personal cell writing and that’s what you have to do you have to do almost have to like yeah i started to say so i love with it but that’s probably a not the word to use but yeah you gotta you gotta like it and you and to like it that means you got to practice so please just take it seriously do it it’s going to occupy a lot of your time at least in the beginning.

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