Background Information In Essay

First of all, you need to know what you have to answer in your essay let’s look at a couple as cities become more crowded and cars increasingly the reason I’m not gonna read everything is because I already saw the questions okay what can local governments do to make public transportation more attractive to residents and how can they fund these public transportation systems when you have a two-part question and they’re both open questions what how right away you don’t even need anything in the task that’s all set up it’s background information what you asked to do in the essay is actually answer these two questions and these two questions can be presented alone everything that comes before it in the task streets highways trains buses etc this is just a little bit of background information to help you start thinking about it.

So yes read it of course get some ideas from there like about different means of public transit but concentrate on the two questions what can government’s do how can they fund it how can they get the money to support these public transportation systems okay number three we’re gonna look at three altogether when it comes to foreign travel some tourists prefer to let a guide point out to highlights and deal directly with the locals others would rather discover a place on their own and get to know its people so basically you’re looking at two ways of traveling and then you have to compare the two and say which you prefer so now I’ll talk about the word compare a lot of people think that compare means look at the similarities of both or look at the benefits of both or the advantages of both compare means look at this like what is same what is different right look at the two of them and how are they similar how are they different now especially when they says which you prefer you can’t only look at the good sides of both because if you say guided tours are good because ABC solo tours are good because ABC so I choose a the guided tours well why if this is good and this is good why do you choose this one right you can say that one is more good like better than the other one but the easier approach is to say what is good and bad about each.

And the one that has more good is the one you’re going to prefer right so I’ll show you when we get into the actual planning of it so next you have to isolate the topic and question debate issue so what is the topic we’re talking about education what is the question with a debate or the issue depending on the question type so should they study the arts or not okay all rights only and then stem so I still pull it up so I put me in the circle I put my general topic education and then should they study arts only and then I’m gonna give some ideas about that and should they study stem stem science technology engineering maths they’re all these subjects are put together into a group called stem so I’m putting myself a little bit of a parallel and I’m not saying arts yes no I’m saying arts only yes or no as compared to other things like the stems projects.

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